New idea: The supplier

The other day, i thought about a new feature in arena, here it is; so, u may now that in some battles at high ranks there are platforms (The ones that are placed in the battlefield and can be useful for strategy in battles), well, i made a “weapon” related to this idea…

It’s called the “Supplier”, and works like this:

When u click on it, u will be able to choose where to “shoot” this weapon, after u choose, a box will fall from the sky (Like dropped by a plane), and will create a platform where u clicked, this platform’s power will depend on the level of the Supplier its calling it. There will be different kinds of suppliers, each and every one of them with a particular design and feature, (That’s why i drew 3 different versions of it above in the photo) and the platform’s type/element will depend on what kind of supplier u got (Energy drain, phys dmg, resist dmg, etc…)

You would only be able to get this “weapon” at high ranks, (5-1, something like that), and just in some special events that probably would last a few days only, in the meantime that this weapon is in your inventory, u wont be able to use it unless the “special event” is active. And yes, you could go and fight lower ranks even though you got the “Supplier” in your inventory, but you won’t be able to use it in those battles (Even if the event is still happening, you need to be at least rank 5 to be able to use it in-battle).

Depending on which type of supplier u got, the cost for using it will be different in each case, here are some examples:

The costs would be something like that, and u cant use more than 1 supplier on the same mech (For obvious reasons).

Im opened to opinions and ideas.


I’m assuming this also waste an action point as well. Obviously people will usually put the box right next to their mech. So this is basically a one time buff unless it’s a permanent buff, but that would be overpowered. If it’s a one time buff, increase the stats a bit, if it’s a permanent buff for the rest of the fight, decrease the stats a bit.

Assuming I use the energy drain supplier first, and then move to collect it. My next turn and I use the valiant first, is it going to apply extra drain on just the valiant or also on my next weapon?

For the phys resist drain, I assume it gives the next weapon I use a +10 increase in resist drain.

For the backfire though, does it last one whole turn, or only one one backfire weapon or drone?

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The buff works until u get out of the platform, but even when u are standing on it, u dont just have the buff, it actually has a cost per turn, a little one, but is a cost, the actual balance would be for example: if u are standing on an energy drain platform buffer, it would low your energy cpacity a bit, until u get out of the platform, do u think that would be a good way of balancing the buff platforms a little?

So it’s basically a movable pad, but with a cost.

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exactly, it has the advantage of putting it wherever u want it to be, but again, it would be at a very small cost, the actual main cost would be from the Supplier, wich would be the weapon dropping this pads.

Ok then. Just make a list of all the types of suppliers then, divided into 3 element types. List what they do and their cost as well.

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Great, i’ll start working on it then

The good ones (Buffs):

Energy drain buff supplier:
Weight: 21
Range: Infinite
Energy cost: 49
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 10% more energy drain to the enemy and reduces your energy capacity by 2%)

Heat dmg buff supplier:
Weight: 25
Range: Infinite
Heat cost: 69
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 10% more heat dmg to the enemy and reduces your heat capacity by 2%)

Phys dmg buff supplier:
Weight: 29
Range: infinite
Backfire: 44
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 10% more phys dmg to the enemy and reduces your hp by 3%)

Energy resist dmg buff supplier:
Weight: 28
Range: infinite
Energy cost: 66
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 5% more energy resist dmg to the enemy and reduces your energy resist by 2%)

Heat resist dmg buff supplier:
Weight: 32
Range: Infinite
Heat cost: 90
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 5% more heat resist dmg to the enemy and reduces your heat resist by 2%)

Phys resis dmg buff supplier:
Weight: 50
Range: infinite
Backfire: 60
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 5% more phys resist dmg to the enemy and reduces your phys resist by 2%)

Repair buff supplier:
Weight: 55
Range: 1-4
Backfire: 22
Energy cost: 10
Heat cost: 11
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich gives u 20% more health to u and lowers your energy and heat capacity by a 5% every turn)

The bad ones (Non-buffs/bad things):
Phys dmg supplier:
Weight: 55
Range: 2-6
Backfire: 35
Energy cost: 5
Heat cost: 6
Uses: 1
(Launches a platform wich lowers whoever is standing on it hp by a 5% every turn, but every turn the enemy recieves that damage, you will lose a 2% of that health too unless he gets out of the platform, in wich case the match will continue normally, but the player’s health wont be restored, obviously)

And all the “platform stats and costs” will be affecting your mech until u get off the platform, the platforms that lower something of your mech by a %, keep that % changed until u get off it, it doesnt lower it more every turn, because that would be just broken for the player using it, and the efect dissapears when u move somewhere else that’s not the platform, but there’s some platforms that have some other costs, like backfire, energy cost, or even heat cost, well, this “costs” will afect u every turn, like for example;

Let me know what ya think about this stats, or if they need some changes!

It would be valid just with backfire weapons and drones, but because its not that common for some players to use that many backfire weapon’s the platform should give u like 5% more backfire, i think that would be alright, idk whatcha think, and yes, the effect would still be happening and affecting u until u get off the platform…

this looks like battle mechs

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sometimes I am impressed by the ability to imagine new ways of playing by some, this is one of those occasions

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thxs bro, i really aprecciate it, i worked some time on this idea, i mean, i hope Sarah saw it, but im starting to get the feeling this ideas dont get to far this days even tho community support them, and there isnt a lot of people proposing new and fresh ideas either, so its really complicated that this gets to be even considered by some developer or someone who actually cares, and its not just this idea, there are some really cool and old ones that i’ve seen in other forums that were very supported and well recieved by the community, but game developers didnt even see them, so im really happy that at least some people still see this!


There has been allot of great ideas in this forum,I’ve only seen few since I came this year,but sadly I feel like the devs aren’t looking at the ideas and features category at all.

They MAY (?) do but they have never responded to any cool idea

and how is this fair to anyone below r5 no weapon is rank locked! therefore you shouldn’t make it so that way only top rank players can have something to themselves! plus who the heck would want to take more backfire that’s just stupid

i mean i like the idea and all but cmon

No, but even if u have this weapon at lower ranks u couldnt use it because its only available for those ranks, and as i said in the first post;

I said it as i wasnt so shure what is the actual minimum rank where platform’s start to appear in battle.

I clarifyed that the backfire one would be a non-buff;

And by that i mean that u would want your enemy to step on it, not u.

i hope i cleared out some points that may not be clear in the explanations below.