New Idea : Revel Torso

This four-star is an idea for the starters and recoverers.

Its name is Revel. (Energy mech)
It is a Torso that can be started at a transform range of epic.
It has starting stats of the following:

HP: 375
Energy Capacity: 100
Regen: 40
Heat: 65
Cooldown: 25
Physical Resistance: 5
Electric Resistance: 3
Explosive Resistance: 5

My goal is to become a tester/developer.

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okay… I don’t see where this is going. Energy capacity 100 is never going to beat grim. Cooldown and heat as well as resist is never going to beat naga. And are you trying to get a new heaviest torso? That is heavier than Zark. Show the max myth stats pls. And we got a long way to go basic.


Coming up with new item ideas is definitely good. I would suggest trying to think of something that makes your item special compared to other items of its type. For example, there are three mythical energy torsos: Naga, Sith, and Grim Reaper. Naga is more or less the balanced one, Grim Reaper trades hitpoints for a huge energy cap, and Sith is trash. Same for weapons, drones, etc. - to be worth adding it needs to be special in some way.

P.S. - maxed mythical stats are usually better too. :wink:



Mythical stats are as follows: (Lvl1 - Lvl50)

HP: 950 - 1250
Energy: 210 - 325
Regen: 110
Heat: 175 - 275
Cooldown: 85
Physical Resist: 25
Electric Resist: 30
Explosive Resist: 25
Weight: 360

This torso is a balance to the Avenger-Zarkares duo/trio

Like the Brutality-Windigo-Naga.

I do not want to make it too op.

I have other ideas. Reply if you want to help me

Whew! That is one powerful torso! Maybe a little OP for its weight. That resistance and hitpoints would make it the ultimate physical torso… not to mention its heat/energy stats. Definitely needs some nerfing :stuck_out_tongue:

But much better! Keep it up!


Fix updated.Thank you.

Ahaha well…
That’s what you pretty much did.
Too much health for that weight.
An energy torso will never have better cooling stats that Brutality itself…
From level 1 to 50
So you wanna tell me that a lvl 1 myth would have comparable health to a myth Brutality,too?
And 50 levels would only give a total of 150 hit points total…?
That thing should be at least 400 kg heavy for those stats…

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New stats pretty good! I suppose that torso’s special power is more resistance, legit idea there. BTW, what type of torso is this? just wondering (I suggest physical type myself).

Sorry, Magicmech20, its energy. :slight_smile:

Ok. I suppose it technically could be any of them, seeing how wendigo/brutality/etc. work for anything. Pretty good so far, now you just need a picture… Can’t help ya there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup. I guess so…
This is the hard part.
Ive made an origami from its body.

well well well. Over 25 resist for each type? nerf
360 weight? Weight what?

dude you need to clean this up

How. Whats with the weight

dude when you evolve something it doesn’t become lighter. If you’re looking at Spartan Carnage, that has been fixed. CASE CLOSED

If you want to be a tester, you also need a lot of knowlege in SM @Cirio_Kamiziri :slight_smile:.