New idea: online time bonus (my worst topic ever)


Online bonus is if you online for a time, you will get some bonus, this new feature will make more people playing the game.

(Online bonus refresh every day)

Online for 2 min: 2000 gold
Online for 5 min: item box
Online for 10 min: 10 fuel
Online for 20 min: 10 tokens
Online for 30 min: 25000 gold
Online for 1 hour: 25 tokens
Online for 2 hour: premium box
Online for 5 hour: premium pack

(The time start only you play campaign or arena battle)

What do you think of this idea?

  • YES
  • NO

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Hoping to hear you chose "NO"


i like this idea good way to get stuff :smile::smile:


first it’s against the environment, second you know how easy it is to leave a machine with sm on for 5 hours … not just not …


oh yah hackers can do that


I’ll change it:
The time start only you play campaign or arena battle


that would be better


But hackers will use a campaign machine to farming level 1…


that to though so mabye not then


I have a better idea. Remove raid, remove rewards in general. Remove everything until people learn to stop being pathetic little pieces of shit and ■■■■ with a game that isn’t even theirs to be bitching about.


thats the best idea i have heard today plus you ok bru


lol if you think that’s me pissed you’ve got another thing coming.

But nah, just being blunt about idiots being idiots.



oh yah i agree some people same the same thing in different words


I’m sorry, but this isn’t a good idea.

People can easily just leave their accounts online and do something else in the meantime. Meaning, even a level 1 player can get epics.

No offense.


Sorry, Developers will bankrupt. You must think about developers, they get money from adsense, admob, ads, purchase tokens.


lis topi iz mi warst ideer evr…
My best topic



You can just go afk and get hella loot.



My dream is disillusioned


I do like the idea but for 2 min you get 2000 gold i dont think so change the times and rewards to make them more realistic.


Funny because I am on for about 6 hours or 8 hours a day so OOF