New idea: in game music

they should have more music in the game for things such as world maps main hub and the arena hub


I can’t even remember the last time I had the game music on… I just play my own music while in-game now.


im talking about abient music for the background

That’s the best way of doing it. Since even most ingame radios tend to not play what people like all the time.

Ambient music? no


I never played with music on .

You can have your earphones in and the music form yt , boom.

there , music

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no i think the in game music is fine so no

I have a suggestion: This song here. In fact, I think it’d make a great theme song for the entire game.

a long time ago I proposed to have epic music in the game. Like mine for example LOL @Sarah247 :grimacing:


This will play while you open premium and fortune boxes.

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I turned all my sounds off. Lol

Hooow about a good dubstep music in the lobby? the players can either change it to something different or if all else fail, Use soundcloud