New idea for campaigns(planets,aliens, air-drop supermech)


i saw someone’s post about new enemies in supermechs(like somekind of monster named ‘kaiju’ from some recent movie). this gave me a new idea. supermech gets air-dropped into different planets and battles (do add movies of air drops,it adds some style)different species of enemies with different background and different looks.also weapons have different skins and effects.
its really getting boring to play the same campaign missions again and again

also a touch of ‘story’ can be added.those who have attained a particular rank level in gladiator battle leagues(i mean pvp battles, its current name) are selected to do missions of certain level.

currently campaign makes you stronger for pvp battles; this is the other way around.


I agree that they should really make a cutscene which they drop mech from helicopter or dropship like in movie Pacific rim