New idea for a body


hello i have an idea for a new body it would be flouting in the air and for that you wont need any legs to use the body but it would be heavy what do you fink?


is this @Fluxeon 's Mr. Pinky? It must be…


Did you just assume my beloved Pinky the Pumpkin’s gender?


not having legs could only disadvantage you surely…


you can put more weapons on your mech so its a win win


you could have weapons for legs, Planet terror style…only less sexy, and more crap.


you’d also be docking yourself 200-300 HP to free up like 60 weight…


lol thats a coll idea but no


it wont be so heavy it wold be like 300kg


Yea just work out and eat healthy you’ll be good to go and stay away from politics :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot the complete name of Pinky the Pumpkin… heh. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol tnx for the ed-wise lol