New idea for a better clan notification system

@Sarah247 So, my notification system idea kinda got ignored, so I thought I might suggest another that I think is better. In the forums, you can tag someone by writing @[insert name here], and they will be notified. How about, in clan chat, you can tag someone, like in the forums, and if someone is tagged in a message they will be notified no matter where they are in the game.

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  • I like the older one better
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  • There are somethings I would like to change

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Sounds good!
It’s a pretty basic concept so it wouldn’t be hard for the devs to add something like this.
Basic yet useful.


I’ve seen another idea as well,that it would serve pretty much the same purpose.
Having separate chat rooms.
You know,like how they have on Facebook,LOL and all else.
Everytime you get a message the chat head/bar would pop up.
I think it would work the same with tagging also.Like a (!) that would pop when you get tagged/messaged.

The vanilla chat is a little ineffective right now.
You can’t see no messages until you actually enter the arena chat/clan chat.That means you have to do things separately.You can’t chat and be in another room (like workshop) in the same time (unless you use another programs like Skype,Discord,etc).

I like this idea and yours!

Maybe I should have posted this in a separate thread but oh,well.Imma leave this here after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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After muting you should not get notifications i think

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