New Idea : Experience achiements


The idea is adding reward mile stones to the experience bar , encouraging players to play even more to reach that milestone for the reward
Examples :
500 000 EXP : 1 ultra mythical box
1 000 000 EXP : 2 Ultra mythical boxes
2 000 000 EXP : 3 Ultra mythical boxes
Etc …

This encourage F2P players to play even more if they havent have enough myths or certain items to reach make a proper mech , what do you think ?


It’s actually a good idea. However, simply making each-1 million exp milestones plus the increase by 1 of the amount of boxes given could be lowered.


This will be a great idea for player to reach :slight_smile:


I made a similar suggestion on the old forums. It would help older players who dont spend $$$. I mean not really cuz 80% of the mythical vault is garbage but its better than nothing ya know?


+1 Great Idea, it encourages F2P


+1 (Also, I would finally get something for reaching 1 million XP :stuck_out_tongue:)


I think that the developers made the experience to level
breakdown with expansion in mind to greater than level 30

After all there is a reward system for progression from level 1-30.

It is only natural to expect that there will be one for levels 30+

Btw the xp for lvl 31 is about 97 million… And do not ask me how I know that :wink:


Also, if this ever gets implemented…please make it retroactive lol