New Idea: Cashing in items for higher level random item!

My idea would be that there is a system in which you could trade in a certain amount of items (and maybe some gold) for a random item one level above it. Now, these are just examples, and I think that the devs could work on balancing it out, but some examples could be:
Trading in 5 commons for a rare.
Trading in 10 rares for an epic
15 epics+30k gold/20 epics and no gold for a legendary
NOTE: these are not exact balanced examples, that would be the devs decision
Try to judge this idea by the idea itself instead of the examples I just listed, because those are just examples and I think the devs are more qualified at making balanced amounts that I am.
Let me know what you think!
PS: This idea might also help a bit with players who have over the inventory limit, as they could effectively reduce the amount of items they have

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@Mohadib @Sarah247

This offtopic, but I used to have a similar profile picture, too :joy:

Anyways, +1. I like pretty much all of it (except for trading the legendaries for a random myth).

Thinking about it, your probably right about that.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, but isn’t fifteen epics a lot? At least make it so there is a guaranteed legend to myth chance, so it actually gives people like me who don’t have many items a chance to succeed in the game.


5 commons for a rare item, nah

100 legendaries for a myth, Why not :slight_smile:




Lol make the exchange rates better buddy


what is so good about a nightmare?

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Perhaps the fact that it is over once you wake up?


Like i said, the examples are used are not part of the idea, just examples of the concept

Did I not say a billion times in the post that they are just examples of the concept, and not actually the actual balanced proportions?

The 15 epics to legendary is just an example of the concept, not the actual proportions

well, thats a pretty bad example, @Yeet try to get some help from @Sarah247 or @Mohadib

20 characters is not 20 characters

As I see it 15 epics would be too few.
Just compare how many equipments you need to upgrade 1 epic lv. 1 to legendary lv. 1.
That would be more than just 15 epics.
To be exact about 19 epics to go from level 1 to lv. 30 and then another 4 to upgrade from epic lv. 40 to legendary lv.1.

So with that kind of conversion rate TS will never implement it.
They might implement it with a conversion rate of 25 - 30 epics for 1 legendary whereas 25 would cost additional gold like 100k and 30 would be without gold or so.

How much do I have to say that those examples are to show the concept, and are not meant be actual balanced examples! Jesus Christ get a brain

The reason I put the examples high is cause tactisoft never gives easy rewards, figured they like higher amounts better

omg. I just got like ten epics today. sorry what were you saying? Why would I cash them in?

You are confusing me greatly