New gun arround?


the yellow one

Is it a new gun? Where to find it ?


That’s not new. I’ve seen that years ago, though I was never able to find it. When there was a shop to buy item, I was not able to find it. Till this day, I still never had it. I wanted that one, yet never had it. So I thought fk it. Only saw it in battle.


Not new. It’s called bully. Back when you could buy items instead of item boxes, lots of people bought that gun since it does high knockback. It’s perfect for nova mechs. The new item box shop came to be just a few months ago. Before then, you could buy items you needed straight from the shop, no chance of getting useless items.


It’s name is “Bully”

It was commonly used in Dual Supernova Builds and on occasional times where you have still available weight. Sometimes I saw it on Needle Blaster builds and those Supernova Builds *2015 times.

You can buy it from the store but since it was removed it became rare now.


It was remove, wow. That’s probably why I couldn’t find it.


This post made me lol.