New Gold Portal is LIVE! 13/9



Gold Boulevard


Nice dude, u where waiting as well?


You could say that.

It’s always a race between me and Ricemech88 and a few others. lol

great fun


Including one of the main ones, me XD, i do it everytime


Finally,a gold portal :D.
Now it’s time to ez money. :smiley:


Not really.

Gold portals are known for their easy 45 tokens and first try gold but beyond those 3 goes… none of the top players do it


I have like not than 1k money so I seriously need the gold portal.
no offend :V


Fair enough. Lol


Lol discobot is lying


Meanwhile im waiting for the energy armor destroyer. .-.


I’m waiting for the lightning scope portal lol


will it be another lightning scope tho.
It’s like almost end of 2018 and the lightning scope ‘broken’ portal still not republish back.


I think the 2k + tokens glitched in by everyone was worth not having a lightning scope



I only got 310 tokens lol


Blizzard dissolver, a E-M item that drains energy res




I love to try new weapons.
I don’ care if it weak or not I always try something new.


Also sorry for my grammar.
(english is not my first language :frowning: )


Thanks gold portal


Thanks succ mmmmm