New gold portal is LIVE (11.10)



We had 1 Gold Portal about 2 days ago, right after that is Blizzard Portal, then 1 day after Blizzard Portal another Gold Portal?

Hmm, seems like a nice deal to me. Not to farm the Gold Porties though.


Maybe TS is building up to something big game changes like listening to top players suggestions on how to fix the game right… wishful thinking


OR Maybe be prepared for a cost increase on EVERYTHING, like gold costs doubled or tripled…
Cha-ching Cha-ching


Or maybe there is no underlying conspiracy behind it and there is just another Portal. :slight_smile:


I wasnt trying to stir anything up … much. just having a little good old fun.



I have no interesting twists with it, just a good deal to have 3 portals in one week :stuck_out_tongue:

Although what will happen if in December 1, we start a countdown of with Portals and Sales only, then at December 25, you put a Portal with a special boss called “SANTA CLAWS” with The Claw for legs. Should drop boxes lol


BOooo you’re no fun.
Go and spoil the whole conspiracy aspect of the Supemech deepstate underworld… :disappointed:


This portal kind of helped me upgrade my Falcon so,

This brings peace to my eyes, exact 1000. :relaxed:


Try this

scop >>> anything else


estoy biendo lagunas: en esto Tal vez TS se está preparando para grandes cambios en el juego, como escuchar las sugerencias de los mejores jugadores sobre cómo arreglar el juego correctamente …