New Gold Portal is LIVE! 11/07


Lol joke

I said AFTER Sarah put this on News, he edited the “Pls put me in news” out afterwards.


Read my last post again thoroughly.

I think you forgot something.


Readed it.

You shamefull person lol


Oh, sneaky of Winz Kay. I didn’t know that.


Have you seen it yet? Read it thoroughly.


Just saw your comment on Winz Kay. It’s rather hard to miss it.


You can read that TINY TINY T I N Y spoiler text in the middle.


Uh, I never bother reading tiny texts since it’s nothing serious. The same goes for blurred texted. Nope, I don’t see any tiny texts.


I guess they wanted to try out/ we deserved one of the new extra gold gold portals since the last one was extra cost without extra prize.


ts do u think a gold portal will be like a item portal for us ?


I do not earn much less than 50,000 sm it’s horrible, portal item will horrible :inquiet:


they raised the minimum gold yield by about 50%


mission 6 over lord’s den insane give u 8700 gold for a 7 fuel
the gold portal insane give u 14900 gold for 15 fuel
let’s say that portal cost 14 not 15 fuel
14 fuel means 2 of mission 6 over lord’s den insane
so 2x8700=17400 gold
portal gives u 14900 gold
that means that now there is NO USE OF GOLD PORTALS
every one will play first time to get the 45 tokens other than this they will farm that mission


“New Update!”
-Gold portals have a higher chance of dropping epics!
The actual portal itself-
Us: Uuuh, is this still considered a “gold portal.”


Nice shit portal, couldn’t get more than two times 69k… Nice update @Sarah247


scam portal, highly costed!
tottaly has been nerfed , please don’t try more than 3 times ( one for each difficulity)
try to waste my 350T for testing and the result is not more than 14k gold


Yep, its totally shit now… prefer to farm bigboy easy on 2x2, was giving way more than this shit portal…