New Gold Portal is LIVE! 11/07



And why, I may ask?

2 Gold Portals in a week? Now because of this I don’t expect a Item Portal tomorrow.


Fits for me cause I’m saving up for a prem pack spree. And I won’t be missing out on any portals :hugs:


This can’t be right…

That cost though.


Sarah said the costs would be 50% for keepsakes.


50% MORE


50% more gold?


50% MORE cost of fuel




Did they make it so that the portal drops items,at least?
Otherwise,the cost is unjustified.


I mean… they never promised that so they had no reason to




As an added bonus you get some first clear tokens too!
Were it?



If @Mohadib at least adds an Item Portal tomorrow, then I will be happier than a chipmunk who found 1 Million nuts. Even if that portal has bad drop-rates for Legendaries, just the Epics will do :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Sarah?

New Drone - Flame Wave!

Just noticed, all of these posts here has “12h” noted on them. What?





Lmao you’re on the news without asking it.


It’s a forum bug
It happened to me once, but didn’t care because it doesn’t do anything anyways


He edited it out afterwards.


You can’t put some topic to news.
Only devs can do that.