New Gold Portal instead of item portal


, get Gold in this 24-hour portal, also don’t forget to subscribe to [AR]_Dark on youtube and to join our discord click here >>> <<<, I should really get a token reward for this, I am Player 18298484 :smiley: Or a from title XD like Deep In thought


Gold Portals were supposed to show up every Monday…Not they even broke the petty Gold Portals!?


Lol, today is thursday


Get a reward for doing what…?

Also,don’t demand a reward.Otherwise,you’ll never get anything.


There is no pattern to the portals.
They come randomly. :slight_smile:

So, when do we get a item portal

Sarah this week release a portal of ítem?


GG on the phys drone sprite


Are you really using the portal to advertise yourself Lmao


Wasn’t Blizzard Disolver advertised as coming two weeks after the Basalt Disolver?

I mean, not that I care about the item, it’s just I want to resolve that thread.


very true, @Sarah247 wasnt this advertised XD