New GOAT Mechs format

We make a poll to see if there is real interest.
Then we have the sign up.
And in the meanwhile we think of lvl limit or not.
I see the problem with free lvl when it comes to modules…they could make the diference between win pr lose

  • Yes, let’s make a epic only tournament, for the fun of it.
  • No, i think it is not needed.

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To me what all decide about how to do it´s well, because the proposal is very nice.

My opinion is that it´s an epic tournament, or a mech carries only epic items or lower category, regardless of the degree of maxeo.

And I think it would be necessary to put an HP limit, which could be 1200 (?)

I think we need a separate topic so that everyone who wants to participate is going inscribing.


could you change the order of comments and place the poll at first? This is more visible…

Sadly I cant move the poll. I can create a new one in the top post but only with that persons permission.

I suggest a new thread with a more obvious title that gives an explanation of the tournament and how it would work.


Oki so i should make a new thread only with the poll?or also a description about the tournament?

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New thread with an explanation of the tournament. A poll at the end to see if people want to sign up.

You could also tag Sarah to see if she could do anything to support the tournament. (unlikely but never a bad thing to ask)

Done… hope i nailed the basic rules, we first see the interest, then we can add some positive sugestions of they are ok.

I would say keep everything lvl 0. boosting everything a little isnt needed :L but rules like that can be.hashed out later.

I would love this but I do not have the inventory space to make epic mecha.

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**** inventory space

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I have a bunch of epics for upgrade fuel. I don’t think I have modules though… :confused:

Man… this sounds fun. I still have my double needles in storage (which still works :o) that I am stubbornly not going to fuse away.

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