New GOAT Mechs format


Well since the whole game now is in a lockdown, more or less, i was thinking about makeing a new type of chalange, THE GOAT CHALANGE, @Fluxeon, @Mordulec, @MrOneTwo, @TinCan, @Wepwawet.
Simple, build a mech only with epic things.
They can be upgraded or not, your choice.
You are allowed to have Torsos, and legs to legendary, but not upgraded past lvl 20.
All items on you mech must be epic at best.
No weight limit, nor rank limit.
Simple and nice,
A Chalange of skill, not of pure muscle.


Will definitely make for some fun games, but all my items are fused away, so it will take a while for me to make a mech that fits.


Would be better with all non upgraded stuff. And the devs should give us all the epic items we need hehe. Just like in the previous low level nonfused challenge.


But in the previous one, the head developer at that time was Liran… while his updates might not be that great, he was willing to listen to players and help out. :slight_smile:

Now… I don’t even need to explain anything.


Fine, I’ll see what I have. Some epics I have, but is that I dont want to upgrade them now …

Frankly I like the idea of putting mechs that do not have Myth HP or Myth resistance, like mine …

But for having fun “for the old time” I like it!


we could change so that we dont use upgraded stuff.
But would be good, since we can actualy use the epic that we have, and upgrade them anyway to legendary, to be used as fuel. You know, we save epic to use them as fuel anyway, at least 5 of them to make one myth, so my ideea was to use them for some fun.
We only need like 20 epics to make a mech, and some of them can have various upgrades in it, at least 5 of them, since we need 5 legendaries to make a myth.
If only we had more space…
Imagine that a single mech like this, packs all the potential and fuse power…that is needed to creat…a single myth :slight_smile:
We would have fun with it, at the price of a single myth…how sick is that.
And all items beeing epic, there is no OP things, no high expensive items, just the good old skill.


Seems odd, but yesterday I was thinking about something similar.

I thought it would be nice to have a general PvP - the one that matters for ranks - exactly as we have, and then Rare, Epic and Legendary category, where you can compete only if your items are at a lower or equal rank than the category’s rank.

That way everyone will have at least a reason to play some underdog item, in particoular the one that stop their evolution at rare/epic/legendary stadium (e.g. Golem, Power Bottoms, etc).
Some of these items are nice but no one who wanna be competitive use 'em, since they lose vs mythical ones. Also, we can have a dedicated ranking system that resets itself every week, with some minor reward (e.g. grey boxes or something like that, just for funz).

It shouldn’t be too much of a pain programming wise, since TS can take its PvP system and simply add a check on items stadium; here you have 3 more categories.

Not sure if a Common category is needed, almost every item can be upgraded to Rare with very few exceptions.

May post this on suggestion later if it seems appreciated.


i’m thinking the same thing but, i have different idea, playing with your own items was fun, how about building mech from scratch 20-30 secon before the match with random item, each player got the same amount of random item with the same total firepower, its like testing skill as a builder and a fighter


these are good ideeas… but they requier the help of dev department… the initial ideea can be made by us players.
Like a little tournament inside the game, a white-collar tournament, only for fun and bragging rights.


I would be interested in taking part. But would be difficult to organise with the current item limit :confused:

Perhaps they could use the beta server…


Can i be part of that too? -.-


Great stuff, @El_Metre, but let’s make it simpler. The proposed mechs can only be build of maximum epic level 1 items (stock, that is), so that we see PURE SKILL ONLY. The idea of upgrading needs investment, and as each and every piece of gold has the value of… you know… gold… I would like to spare monies for important stuff, and play for fun just as pastime… El_Litre, @Wepwawet, others, I invite you today to take part in a small tournament, epics only!


i relly think we can organize it.
Make it like a tournament.
And then draft pick the fights.
first we enlist, those whom want.
Then evrybody builds their mechs.
Within a time frame we send our builds a picture of it to the one we chose to be the organizer…so that we don’t counter build like noobs.
Then we draft pick the fights.
With quarterfinals, semi finals, finals…something like that.


thing is the damn item limit… i have not so many epics, and those that i have are at diferent lvls…cause i was planing to make them legendaries…that is why i say free lvls on epic.


Right, I get it, El, but believe me, the only way we can do it is to agree on a stock level. Wait, I get an idea. Why not make it a LOL tournament, like commons only. (BTW, I just lagged away on 3v3 with the Human, WTF!!!) And no loss??? WTF???


Anyways, comin to the point… IDK if you remember first stage of beta tests. This was nice, only level 1 items. I think this would be awesome! COMMONS ONLY!


I do not own at this moment a single common thing beyond a teleporter… epics people stash as they are useful, commons people use for boosts.


Want to make another thread as a sign up sheet? or hold a poll here in top post to see how much interest its getting?


True, but it is much easier to land commons than epics. Lets say that in 7 days we organize such event, so all that want to participate just save 20 commons. Easy. With epics, it is not that easy.


I am unable to acquire more items due to the item limit :confused:

Inventory Limit Should be Higher + Poll +