New glitch on mobile


Both me and my brother have experience this glitch on our phones where the screen completely freezes at the start of the match.
Basically I couldnt do anything, and im either forced to quit or let the system boot me after 3 turns of inactivity.
I just got paired up vs your run-of-the-mill scrub and went down 50 ranks… seriously?
Please fix it.
Also most players cant compete with the hackers, as they have too many free tokens and fusion/items. I have no f*cking clue why theyre still around doing as they please.


Oh dear…!!

Or we are very innocent or here there is cat enclosed with the issues of hackers.

But … shshshs … they close the topics that speak of cheaters.

It´s that they don´t understand or do not know that these people who buy everything with hacked tokens, destroy the games. In the end honest people are bored and gone (as some have gone) ,and only the hackers and noobs remain. Neither of them buy tokens and the game is over. The hen of golden eggs, dies.

Of course, devs can not fight them, they can only patch the game a little and the patch lasts only a few days. The only way to combat hackers is to empt them, leave them in evidence, not integrate them into any group. But if they close the topics that speak of hackers, then we are lost.


My abuelita Wep is so smart.