New Gamemode? -BATTLEDAWN


Hello, I think a cool new game mode that you should implement into battledawn would be all against the admin. I will explain

-Have all players aligned together and have them against a powerful admin with varied wealth and troops depending on server.
-once conquered players unable to rejoin and rebel
-maximum players allowed 50 as to not overwhelm the admin too much
-players would have to work together to defeat the admin by conquering his main base.

-2 ways to win

  1. players win: conquer the admins base
    2)admin win: admin conquers all bases

please tactisoft if you don’t implement this game mode exactly, maybe you will implement a refined version?



@Malicewolf — I think this is your calling. :wink:


Heh, I would LOVE to do this. Infact, I’ve actually asked for something similar already (close to same rules with some differences), but I was denied sadly. BUT, feel free to poll it for popularity :wink: Who knows, maybe we can change some people’s minds if it’s a popular enough request



Yes! We totally need this as an event :slight_smile: