New game ! Super mechs is no more alive


Yes this is under issues tab
This is no more super mechs
Change it’s name to Anti Mechs
When ever you play ladder u face anti mechs
So fix this now
This is not the super mechs we knon
We want it to have balanced builds as it use to be before sm reloaded or before the release of heat bomb ,EMP and specially THE CLAW

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Means people are getting frustrated and they don’t care anymore


You must understand that supermechs is a game to raise money in order to finance battledawn. So… Balance of SM is not a priority.

While people keep putting money here, the game will continues live.


Are you serious? Are you actually serious? They had all the developers move from the battledawn team to the supermechs team back in 2013 and it had no updates for years until Alex came in 2017 and he got a measly one update for battledawn. If it weren’t for Alex, ts might have fucking shut bd done by this point.

You don’t know what the ■■■■ you’re talking about Nancy, as per usual.


Congratulations! You have won the dumbass of the year award! Very prestigious!


Search the battledawn forums messages before SM reload. 2016/2017

They hoped to improve battledawn with the resources coming from that they called “our second game” (supermechs).

I showed the link here months ago.


They waited a while to let sm players join the forum because they knew as soon as they did the bd side of the forum would drown and die, case ad point: it did. Because almost no one plays bd compared to sm. Think about it wep, use that noggin.


That was for BD earth arena :man_facepalming:
That game crashed and burned, they have not updated it in 2 years. Supermechs is their main game.


Earth Arena was doomed to fail - battledawn isn’t the sort o game that suits the mobile market. Not that ea resembled bd very strongly by the end anyway but yeah it tanked which is why am remains the focus as it has been since 2013. The update rate and resources invested in sm doesn’t even compare to the token effort thy put towards the original game bd or the botched project ea.


I feel like for BD to be succesful for a large, more relaxed audience or for mobile, ticks would have to be 8-12-24 hours, so people could play era’s without having to lose sleep and sacrifice real life activities.


I used to love 6 tickers. One week of near 24/7 activity to secure the era and you were golden. I miss those first two days. The 48 hours straight. Constant movement and conquering and crystal gathering.

Two conclusions to draw:

  1. I had no social life between 14-16
  2. Battledawn, true battledawn, will never be for normies.

And the things is, I wasn’t even that dedicated compared to many.