New game modification idea


Why don’t tactisoft add a friends system in super mechs ? someone , anyone can send you a friend request on the game , you can also send requests , and search players by their names or ID or , Whatever…, And when you send him the friend request , you’ll have to wait for him to accept , and you can also talk with him in DMs ( i know you can talk to anyone in DMs ) , a friends system would be great , and amazing , and will help you find your friends easier and faster , you can also , see if a guy has a mutual friend with you


There was a friend system in the old version.
They removed it because this is a war game and only clanmates can be friends.

My assumptios lol.


Because no one can be friends in a war ga-

You beat me



Made that idea before.
They didn’t noticed it.

They won’t add it.




:joy::joy::joy::joy: lol