New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


or has terrible luck


Lucky one :frowning: I have already spent 120 tokens and get have to see the thing or any decent L


Ok so screw, it I can confirm that after I spent 150 token I got one. My luck is crap


I got one the second hard run on the alt. Never tried on my main. I dont need it I dont think. I have some decently stellar phys mechs on my main.




A frantic Brute shot…





Lol you got 6 legendaries for 120 tokens and disappointed… what world are you living in pal


“Double edge”
Felt both sad for @MjolnirHammer (cries in Texan) and happy for you…


This build is my upcoming build, but to build it I have to give up 1 point of my mobility, a Double Teleport.

Should I? I mean I’m fine even with just a Falcon on.


Yes Yes Yes !!!


Nice Catch


Congrats. You’re so lucky.


I got 2 from my first run on the portal :yum:


What’s with the different weapons?..Spartan, Nightfall + VS + Reckoning


VS is Frantic Frigate over there, while Reckoning is literally a part of my Phys mech. Mercy is not to be found here.


You want to say, that out of 4 refills ( 120 tokens ) you got 6 legendaries?..

I played portal for 13 refills ( 390 tokens ) and didnt get a single legendary…


It’s all good…had to try it once. Until we meet again Ricemech88 /props


Maxed and tested in campaign this new weapon, my result is:

  • The difference between the minimum damage and maximum damage is too great, so that in 70% of cases it has hit more than 400 (on 1 occasion more than 600), but in 30% of cases it hit around 100 .

  • According to the above and being a weapon of only 2 shots, you are too much at the mercy of your luck and you cannot trust this weapon. If you only have 1 chance, it´s better to use Spartan than this Franctic.

  • It generates a lot of heat.

Therefore, a priori it´s not a good item at all …


just because you don t know to use it does not mean that this is a bad item

Reasons to myth one:

Can be really useful in raid,campaign,portals

Can change the tide of the battle

Will force the players to think out of the box and make new builds,so we gonna have a more interesting game ( i m talking about you magma spammers XD)

Need to explain how to use it?


1 Don t use it as last shot,you may have an unpleasant surprise
2 Try to drain your enemy a little before shot it ( what s the chance for mercy to deal 400-500 dmg when enemy has 145 shields)

you can t just use a weapon against some bots and then say:oh i fully understand it,try it in real fights
You know that you can fire it,and if that bot is not dead you can quit before he shots and try again