New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


30 tokens more and:

  1. Rapid destruction
  2. Rapid destruction
  3. My fifth tonto

So out of the total 6 Legendaries that I’ve gotten none was the actual item. . . Bogus luck ugh I don’t have any more revives for today guess I won’t get the item


Yes! Finally got the dang weapon! :smiley:

No refills at all! I played hard mode just 5 times and I got the weapon lol. Hard mode seems to have better drops than insane mode looking at the results in the forums.


Dude honestly to all those who got it. That’s some BS >.> How bad are the odds, like come on


this weapon is pretty good,i can confirm that XD
very useful in arena


You know, I’d like some transparency in the actual drop chance for the items.

Because if it’s supposedly 50% to get a box. Then within that box there is a chance for a legendary item and then you have the actual chance for that legendary item to be the item you are looking for.

So either portals have an absurdly good rate to get a Legendary in a box and that being the item you want also pretty high, which let’s be frank it’s not the case or as usual “increased drop chance” it’s a good marketing technic


Yeah, when it hit 700+ damage on me…


thanks for test xD
this is my second favorite phys weapon


You’re most certainly welcome


wow i like it looks nice


Who would need this item?? It’s just a long range Mercy, but take away everything that makes the Mercy good.


The 600 damage is quite good though


as much as I hate to admit… this item is good


Shut up Winz! (No mean intention) you got like 6 hahaha


The 5% of the time you actually do 600 damage lol


I got 3 and stopped farming after fuel ran out… then fused 2 away


Trafalgar and I battled twice, first time it hit 300+ damage and the second time it hit 700+ damage


If they both hit 600 like they were supposed to, you would’ve done 200 more damage.


heh do you have a max mythed on?
i have one and i did some test,and i can tell,that your argument is not true


I know it’s not true I never got the thing in the first place because this game discriminates against phys users I can’t even beat hard


This game discriminates everyone who is not investing loads of money in