New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


Nothing to get too hyped about, average dmg is quite similar to other physical weapons, with just 2 uses.
For people using spartans and/or might canon its not worth swapping.
Eventually with a dual nightfall, but then use of Tonto would be compromised since you need a puller for it. Tonto being the best phys weapon atm, again not worth it.


Is that devs try to change the physical game. Phys is the only kind that still retains the “closeness” play style. Changing the style of game means that people buy more to change their builds.

But … if they want phys to try something else, don´t invent a 50kg weapon. with energy consumption!


Youre quite stucked with this energy consumption thing.
You know that many phys builds are running with 31 energy cost weapons which are around 50kgs. Yes, youve read coreectly, people are using weapons with energy consumptions. And even using elec modules.
True for phys and quite surprisingly true for elec builders too.

Just see that weapon as a non premium spartan.

Nice addition to the game.




It’s the Legacy ver of the New Frantic Brute


falcon 2.0 fused with desert fury + spartan carnage + luck based max damage= Frantic Brute

edit:added spartan carnage


pretty good weapon with tones of uses


i think spartan is what u mean
it’s 3-6


this is a threesome XD between falcon,spartan and shotgun x mark 1 (legacy shotgun)


desert fury 2 uses!!!


ye but rng 4-8 and verybad dmg
but ye i c the point now


finally got it after 3 refills


i have iike 30,i started to fuse them XD you can get them from silver boxes too


I have waay to many…


looks like your luck is the other way around.
i got 2 legendaries and barelly got the actual item,and you probably didnt get any legendaries but you got 30 brutes.


i got like 5 food legys XD


then we are in the same boat.


Do not tell me, that on my phys all weapons consume energy and I carry 800/400 energy capacity (equivalent to 5 modules).

But I can give myself the pleasure of doing it, because I also have 2 rounded free energy heat builds with magmas.

I think of people who have no choice but to build rounded phys and cannot carry more than 3 energy modules and 2 heat modules. These people have a complication and very hard to face energy mechs!


Nice reading Wep.
Btw, thanks to tonto, its possible to build very decents phys roundeds with 4 energy mods and 2 heats these days. Works pretty well vs the quantity of premium mods it needs.


On my second refuel, only one L and it was Corrupt Light… Only rares and low amount of boxes >.> Farming hard… Disappointed tbh

Edit1: ok at 90 tokens spent, with the only L items being 2 corrupt lights and one Viking hammer (I have 4 of each of this items already) I give up with this portal…

“Increased drop on hard and insane” to me… Usually just means I won’t get anything whatsoever