New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


Personally, i’m gonna replace one of the frantic brutes with a burning shower. Just in case if that drone pushes way too far.


Here you guys go

~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~

Well yea. Could happen.


For the people who know the stats of future items. Does the heat version of this RNG crap thing use energy?

Hint hint Winzkay which he somehow got info on the item before it came out.


“Never asked for it -_-”
Yes you did, earlier you said: “If you guys say “No resistance it’s bad” just adjust it then bois.” So I did, if that’s a problem, then I shall leave this topic before a fight starts.



83-758 Physical Damage.



Said it for resistance. You literally asked everyone to see if it was a bad mech or not. (Which it is.)


With this kind of damage, if you’re incredibly lucky. You can kill a 2000 HP Mech with just two of these and a drone. :confused:


Just took my first 500dmg from one of those… hurts. Thats with 105 res.


What is best map to farm legendary?
or insane?


Always go for hard in portals




From the portal :wink:



I got nothing…
I played hard 3 times and I got actually nothing :V


another way for control the players:
if you pay you have more luck
if u never paid nothing you have 1 good shot every 5
it s always be like that but now more




Seems I need try to replace my Spartans… sad… now all new weapon will be 1- 1000 dmg lol… more random…


I wonder why many player trying to fit the new gear in completely new sets of gears, its good yes. But with the same old phys build, just need to remove some weight and ita fine, nightfalls plus the rest for range 1-4 , and whenever enemy tries to run then its time for brute. If they dont, they will eat all nightfalls and tonto attacks, that case the brute is just a back up, if u think the enemy is like 200-300 hp away to kill after your turn that is the time u need to go for luck attack


An confirm droprates are total crap even at rank 1.


Nah, I’d rather have my nightfall to still do something like 200 damage.