New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


no. legacy. old. yes it mythical. but its legacy. so its weak.


I defeated all and every thing I earned just 1 epic…


Is no one going to mention how terrible that mech is at 1 range?


no resistance its bad


Have you noticed it had double teleport and has a push drone?
Because I sure have.


If I were fighting that mech, I would go to 1 range every turn with sparked runners and you would be forced to stomp me twice and wait for drone to push me back once and we can do it again, resulting in your defeat because neither of those do much damage. You can’t teleport either because you’re energy broken.


You would most likely be dead at that point. But that’s rng.
besides. I can change it whenever the fuk I want. Whatever the fuk I want.


Fight me. Global chat. Right now.


Can I just flex by saying I got this meh top weapon on the first try?


There. If you are to complain about it or be an absolute b about it.
And like I said.

And if your still going to complain about this shi- I mean cra- I mean poop. Then how about you change it up? Because I made a better version of it. If your still going to complain about an example, then what are you doing with your life?


Wasn’t complaining, simply pointing out a mistake.


Im offended :sob:


Why are you offended?


This would probably do better than that build.


Cause you abuse my range 1. And my ranges 2,3 too while at it.


Well, yes, I don’t have the items a lot of other top players to so I have to try and exploit weaknesses…I often fail but I have to try.


Whoa, Dude, Chill your Spine.

Wait, did i just said a skeleton pun?


Bro. I literally just said.
That it was an example. If I wanted to I could have made that, but I had the thought of what it would look like if there was 3 bunkers and 2 frantic flamings.

Does an example of what something COULD look like always have to be perfect?


No. That’s why I attempted to improve it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Never asked for it -_-
And you pointed out that it was a trash mech. You think I don’t know it is a bad mech?
No. I don’t have a little thing known as the stupid.

It’s an example that you don’t have to do anything to. An example is there to show what it could look like. There’s your definition.