New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


of waiting for a YouTube that you know that always records the new items put a video


69-632 Physical Damage.

At this point you don’t need luck. You need DETERMINATION

Edit: You need BOTH


im getting it… i will farm that portal like hell.


They could add a physical bunker shell that does about 100 more damage than bunker.

Which could end up being eeeeeeeeven wooorse…


No you still need luck fam


If there’s already Tonto, then we don’t need that sh*t.


physical needs some love.


No, Tonto is already their big share of love lmao


Here is what the end of the world is.
3 Magmas.
2 Frantics (Heat)
And +20% in all of the heat stuff.


enegy/heat has alot more weaps than physical does. cmon now :joy:


Nah, here it really is.

1 Quantum Decimator,
1 Ion Railgun,
and 2 Gauss Armageddon.

With corresponding heat torso and legs N-HEL-V and Magma Flow.


I’m expecting someone to use a build that completely depends on DETERMINATION luck, with 2 Mercies (Is the plural of Mercy, Mercies?) and 2 Frantic Brutes. Hmmmmmm


But do they reach 400 damage regularly? Bunker Shell and Bulldog does yes, but they’re L-M which means; Hard-To-Get.


Well this is a possibility.
(Both savageries are the frantic brute guys. If they don’t cost Energy then end of the world is coming.)
If you guys say “No resistance it’s bad” just adjust it then bois.


Most LASER heat weapon costs energy, except sorrow. So i doubt they will make the weapon energy-free.


nO rEsIsTaNcE iS bAd LoLoLoLOloloLoLoloLOlilohulgyjht


Don’t forget Solar Torch. (Tonto’s big brother)


I don’t see that guy being used much.

Also I prefer Tonto as Solar Torch’s big brother, because; He came first :wink:

literally, Tonto was released WAY earlier than Solar Torch


I mean, I know you replied with a joke but, like I said. You can adjust it anytime.


dont you mean myth?