New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


First Insane Run


another hard mode run reward!




oof an L-M…
this makes me want to farm even more!
but i only have 12 fuel felt::disappointed_relieved:


(1 refill)


hard drop just rares and insane does not drop anything at all sooo easy then? XD


if hard drops rares then how did i get 2 legendaries?


3 refils, 0 frantic burst :roll_eyes:


maybe drops are based on rank idk


(This weapon can do some shet low damage sometimes):luck


I feel like it will be unbalanced due to 20% dmg arena bonus. But it’s rng focused so Idk


Cmon just 758 dmg in face XD, just flaming scope with range 3-6 (but need a lot of luck for it)


and I’m going to farma to see that he won a legendary maybe I win the wheel of physique that of wanting god of 2018


This sentence, makes me laugh so damn hard :joy::rofl:


So this thing is basically a Long range “Mercy” that consumes energy and produce heat with an even more shet RNG?


in truth I was too lazy because the portal is too big I know that I so legendary achiever is not insane i will not be spending my tokens for this weapon


No, it’s just because of the broken english Engrish.

But yes, this portal seems to not drop the weapon too much.


Now we can see the possibility of 2 of these doing 1200 damage per turn.
Ofc that is dependent on rng. But if you get lucky, you can wipe out mechs with hp lower than 2400.


raises hand i would like the sprite to this :joy:


Oh man, I see the future now.

Triple Magmas + 2 Frantic Flames or whatever they’re called, and all life are dead.