New FRANTIC BRUTE is out! 9/1


Its a non premium spartan. Nothing more, nothing less.


can hit like a legendary phys drainer,like a spartan,or like a lvl 1 falcon XD


Think averaged cumulated value over the course of a battle. Thats the correct way to approach any new item. Otherwise its just comments about how unlucky or lucky you can be.

Average shot value is 350. Average total dmg value over the 2 shots is 700. Thats what you need to have in mind while designing a build, anything else is conjoncture.
Spartan would sit around 850 i believe, hence my previous comment.


You forget that you have only 2 opportunities. And if in the 2 chances it hits +/- 100, you’re pretty lost … drain resistance? yes. But remember that your opponent also drains your resistance.

Now … you may have a precious stroke of luck and this weapon hit 600 the 2 times. It’s like playing black or red squares in roulette. Did you get up today with your right foot? Then use it! It’s your day!

  • Remember that Spartan has 3 shots and drains more resistance.


Is @KilliN going to add this to WU?


yeah doing the job rn


A L-M version coming?


I don’t think so?


L-M version sometimes comes after E-M version


i don’t think so too


i don’t think so too but URBU think it.




No oN? No oN? No oN? now on or no on?


L-m version 400-1000 dmg? HELL NO


More like 1-1000


Wait a minute…

Tacticsoft Version (2 days ago) :

FRANTIC BRUTE (50) 3-6 Range 69-632 PysDmg -12 PysRes 2 Uses (10/50 Cost)

MY physical weapons idea (a year ago) :

FORTUNE SHOT(L)(79) 1-2 Range  39-997 PysDmg -15 PysRes 1 Use      3 Push (50/50 Cost)

from this topic

Physical Weapons Ideas for

Coincidence? :thinking:


also so far, it’s looking good on GOATs lol

get engulfed bruddah

@El_Metre this thing has the capability of reaching 200 Damage, want it in? ALthough, sometimes it deals 40.


What have you done


Sorry mate.


with -10 shield it did 730 damage for me in arena for maxed mythical