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Just saw this on an SM topic.

So will this apply to BD side aswell as both the forums are almost together??, although i dont find a lot of BD players particularly offensive and neither we have a lot of BD players on BD forums or lot of BD players in general but its always good to have a check on things before they get out of hands. Not everyone has a same taste for humour or mild insults.

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says its SM policy dont think it would matter for BD, but what do i know


Theoretically yeah they should. Practically I have no intention to enforce them for BD, or have any of the mods do so. Ditto, they definitely won’t lead to BD Game bans if they happen on the BD side.

Sometimes things can offend people, but if you ask me, that’s part of interacting with each other. I trust BD players know where to put the limit of reasonable mocking/joking/bantering and general talk in a public place, or at least, will recognize it when the moderators point it out.

Oh and guys, your opinions are all valid and you should voice them, but please don’t go off topic here. Don’t need BD topics to become a discussion on SM rules… Bane just wanted to know how they’ll affect BD, let’s keep it at that.


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I guess these are pretty good rules.

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