New FireFly portal is LIVE! 5/12: Fear of triple magma + Shower intensifies


Hmmm… In other words…


The key to which is better, is how successfully you can contain your opponent in the 2-4 range, and how long the fight is expected to go…

Firefly is better with Control builds,

  • vs. Low Mobility Opponents
  • in Long Battles (high HP/resist opponents)

HeatPoint is better with High Damage builds,

  • vs. High Mobility Opponents
  • in Short Battles (more Damage oriented opponents)


the long ranger might work better in conjunction with corrupt lights or desolations.


now i only need 9 magmas, 2 showers, and some good ol ultrahots


I’d give my finest testicle for a shower.

or the 3-6 range phys drone.


Hard was easy for me. 3k hp, myth resist (both types) and full max myth phys mech. Beat insane with 1 revive (no repairs).


Well your mech is a monster


This drone is bad for heat. It doesnt work.

A long-range drone may be better, but not this one.

The heat weapons that shot from close, consume energy and faced phys, are weak.

Two shots of magma take the opponent beyond range 4 and the drone is useless. If your opponent carries desolation, bunker, valiant… drone dead.

In short, if you don’t like heat point, it’s better to use the skull drone than this, at least skull drone can be used in all ranges.

Only the phys is useful from this line of drones. I think that in many cases, what is good for one kind of mech, is almost useless for another kind. Not necessarily if it’s good for the phys, it has to be good for heat or energy and vice-versa.


Da… Most heat weapons are far range. This Drone is actually good for physical mechs.


If you have a heat mech and you cannot get away from your phys opponent, phys will beat you most of the time.

If you have a heat mech (even if you have 3 magmas) try to get away from the phys.


This is a good talk. This is why we need heat bomb. This is why we need the emp. This is why we need all the op shit, because the portal is ridiculous. Which would be fine. If this is what you are in to. Like if it was you just had to earn all of this stuff to beat the game, it would be one thing (or if skill were involved). But you need op stuff to get op stuff. I know people talk about keeping the rich rich and the poor poor. This is a prime example. Basically people that won the lottery or pay are able get to ace it. I would be interested to see how many 5 or less f2p people can actually beat the portal on insane.

On a side note, I am not complaining. I think if you spent over 500 bucks on a cell phone or flash game you should be damn near invincible. That isnt the way this works though, as you can easily spend that and not get the parts you want. Just planting the seed.

And wep, I agree. The best way to counter the new heat mechs is a phys with a butt load of heat and some way to push or pull them around.


Eheh, waiting for that one.





Maybe combination one/two showers+sword\hammer\axe or ash+charge+anything 3 distance.
to ask elMetre - he know sure


Weak damage. Poor heat ratio. I wasted fusion items.



I think it will be helpful for my physical against energy.



doppelredrain by TS


50% of this items consume energy and axes, hammer, crimpson, etc are weak against phys. You only can beat phys with this items (axes, hammer, crimpson, sword…) if you have 300 HP more or phys is a bad build with low cooling.

I have a phys with more than 300 cooling and 2750 HP. My phys can resist any heat except if heat have 3000 HP or resistance drainers. Resis drainer is a great weapon if you know how use it.