New FireFly portal is LIVE! 5/12: Fear of triple magma + Shower intensifies


It’s not really OP. It’s an easy counter drone. Range is 2-4. Easy to counter.


Even when people i have people in range and equip weps to keep them there it hardly does any worthwhile damage compared to other elements drone of same type


success short phys drone is not transferred to such energy and heat. I ran into problems with energodron expecting this from the present. Long distance also. The drone of the second stage or the company. Only Urbu liked it, but he took it off in the end.
Disbalance, the difference in the features of damage, tactics and weapons.


Im in love with the long range elec. First time i like riding an elec build. This thing is a monstruosity… didnt test the phys one though…


Was funny seing you running out of rockets… im not sure this drone would fit the magmas/shower builds…


EXACTLY ! The range of the drone limits your building capabilities .


i got the FireFly on the first normal run


Got mine on the fourth run. Did normal, hard, then insane. Lost on insane. Did hard again. Got it.


I haven’t got one yet


First run on insane . Thanks for making portal so short for me .


Just realized, this FireFly Drone, might be the best drone for any type of build. :thinking: I think I might use it…


Yet again, got it my first try on the main. I dont have a heat mech. On my alt, with a heat mech as one of my mains, I used all my fuel, and low and behold didnt get it. Can’t get a vs on my main for my energy, and cant get a heat weapon on my heat acct. I think they factor in what you use and dont give it to you. I am thinking about making a conspiracy theory thread while trying to not be bitchy.


What are you guys using to beat it on Insane ?

Seriously I can’t put a dent on Hard not without 1-2 revives. And I have a fully mythed mech. Modules are maxed legendary but still even with premium account 1800 can’t best it o.o


A lot of players revive in Insane. In hard, if I get One tool kit, I can complete it.


Oh yeah on insane that’s fine a revive. But I am actually having issues with Hard


It was hard. i did it with this with fully mythed heat point + prem Hp ponus



Ah heck, yeah I don’t think I can get near that.


If you have Heat Bomb, then it will kill buggy use in one try. You have to reload page to get the range of HB use. HB Legendary. Tank has 500 Heat, so not useful, just kill tank in 2 moves.


I am working with this for the portal:


OOOHHH… I would never use energy in a portal, even if I had a full mythical energy build. I say use heat or physical. Yet, heat be best.