New FireFly portal is LIVE! 5/12: Fear of triple magma + Shower intensifies


Lol this sucks, I did not even get the drone


its not guaranteed you’ll get it first try-


fortune box…


Shitty portal as always with E-M main item


i got only 2 epics both were fireflys


You cant complain about drop rates if there is no drops at all. :sunglasses:

1 full tank, 0 boxes. Sparing with 1300hp tanks.


there we go. be like this man, only heroes think like this.


Lol… i got 1 and i fused it by mistake. I hope another or I make myself the harakiri…


i cant complete hard difficulty. so im farming normal… 3 boxes… just commons and 1 rare.


Hahaha! Very funny, Wepwawet. You fusing it by mistake.


Of course this “monster” will blast the meta :joy_cat:


oh god, what have they done.


hard give 60:40

better than insane and not expensiv by fuel and time cost.


But, In conclussion, someone can tell me finally… The drone is useless?


Seems like a niche item. Usable but not especially good.


Dude I am glad about portal, but how in the blazes my 1500 fully mythed mech can’t clear hard… Wtf


i have completed it on hard like 10 or more times, not one legendary


I would have three magmas.
without them, heat sucks! and even with one magma warm sucks!


Faced a boi with the triple magma/shower and that new drone.

Funny enough, that build having a total of 6 rockets, the dance with coolings, taking out heatpoint etc, allows you a smooth use of all the rockets together with a gradual heat up of your opponent. Game play of those is quite delicate in the end.

But with this new drone, the guy went out of ammo very fast, as he kept shooting without using actions to take out his drone, so i just kept myself out of the drone range while terminating him.

Doesnt seem too good.


The first few shots dont even do 100 sometimes and thats with a person with little heat resist,buffing time?