New FireFly portal is LIVE! 5/12: Fear of triple magma + Shower intensifies


my game was not responding when it was the portal for the other 2 shorties

lucky me i am a heat player


That drone is weaker than HeatPoint. Only good thing is no Uses.


The Insane mode is extremely hard a tank with 1k hp


Epic weapons tank I suppose.


yes but i am still a rank 10-9 how the can i actually beat them with just 3 myths their stats are about a max myth i lost.


Wait sh*t, what shall I choose?

  • I have to farm Side Missions for Titan.
  • I want and need to at least farm a bit on Portal
  • Titan Farming
  • Portal Farming

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Well that didn’t help you decide


Insane mode


Titan is always shit and not worth pack



I’ll leave the tickets for now (I will wait for the 3/3 battles).


damn this drone isn’t worth equipping


but let’s see if the portal is worth farming.


Let see did anyone can get Legendary items?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m no item portal farmer so no.


2 fuel refills and nothing after the initial 3 playthroughs. Just rare and commons, and one epic.


you would get better things if you did 2 reffils on bb 2v2 and bought boxes lol


Rares drop rate seems fine, i might grind it just for that

Upd: i take my words back


And better gold for sure


First insane run