New fighting style

If my topic of Boost with tokens? was bad, this my friends is worse. (I guess xd)

You get normal to the battles, and you see an option where you get and you can bet for each battle (?

1.- You can choose who you want to fight with, but in this case it will be the same level, rank and almost the same as you (so that it is not unfair and it makes you easy to win)

2.- Bet with gold, tokens and xp. <- I’m crazy lol
Example 2:

You can put the amount of Gold minimum would be 5,000, the minimum amount of Tokens would be 20 and the one of XP would be 500.

You just bet with someone with 20 tokens, they will take 20 and you too, if you win you will have 40 tokens! :smiley:
but if you lose, you will lose your 20 tokens. </3 :cry:

If you bet with gold you will lose 5,000 or the amount you put, if you win you will take what you put and what he put.

I suppose you already understood the idea, I do not want to explain but it is very simple to understand this.
Bye <3 :heart:


Disagree with the betting idea, it will just be used as a way to transfer tokens and gold between players.

Choosing someone to battle… that’s already in the game.