New feature: Specific items boxes

So, I’ve noticed my friend now has more boxes in his shop. But I don’t have it. And, he said the update came a few weeks ago! I really want you to fix this so I get the update. Please @Sarah247 @Mohadib .
Here is an image he sent me:

Please help. :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

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wah is dis?
20 chara

I believe you were trolled, bro, no such thing in my shop…

and if it is true think well friends this game has a lot of errors but it may also be a lie but oh what to research more a

Whoever your friend is , he is good with photoshop


a part of me says that I laugh and another part tells me no but the only way to know if it’s true is with @Sarah247

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I mean , if thats real , it would make getting stuff way easier.

Thats if the price wont go up each box you buy.

yes because if there is a chest of modules hooks charge that if it has to cost a lot together with the torsos and legs that can give you only torsos there aríamos feasts now money to buy chests

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Dude this was the last update, u’ve been pranked,

i dont think you notcied the premium box sale on thr right his friend is quite good at photshop none the less.

Facts, my dude, so true

so that the insult? If you can not speak if you insult, do not speak :wink:

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I was just saying that he got rigged by his friend lol.

even so for me it is an insult but good different points of view and in exchange that if the image is a good lie I do not care just think nothing else :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that dude, didn’t mean that as an insult.

I already know, but you should not deviate from the subject of @Skiller-Legendary

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True, true, I respect

Your friend is trolling.

Master Trole 2017

It’s photoshop look at those crates closely guys. The reflection off the crates has the MIX font on the crates like we see today. Plus those are the old designs from the legacy Supermechs.


well actually only is only for the newest players