New feature? item power + showing stats

Finding something new in the new acc again

First one is the items got now show stats

And items now have it’s POWER!
Higher ranks item have more power and boosting items could increase it’s power, and the final power add together will show in the the workshop with the weight.
But don’t know what’s it’s for :thinking:

ps: NOT exist on old acc


Is dat a sporton cornage I see???
Also I am going to try it out cus I wunt to see it

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Not bad idea, however will devs ever release again a new lighting scope portal? unless its unfair for players who didnt play in it (bc they were sleeping (like i was when it was released for 2 hours) etc) @Elcent could you pls transport the paer of my text (this one) refering to LS portal into a new topic? also i would suggest in the new update with @Ricemech88 idea , 1v1s should be released again

Also, you only get 1 item from a box now.

wait for it sarah will make a post describing the update

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For some reason, I got such a nostalgic feeling reading the stats…

reminds me of another game whenever it released patch notes with new details and icons (like the fist) lol

Very interesting battle we had today. I was getting confused with myself :upside_down_face:

Maybe they are replacing old matchmaking with item power system like crossout?

Woah, so that fist represents your mech strength?

Wonder what it’s for…

Why is everything in Chinese tho?

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It’s coming.

Captured on my main


Yes! This might actually lead to fair matchmatking for all the frustrated players

If this is based point wise by the types of weapons, modules, utilities and shit. I HIGHLY doubt this will lead to more fair match making.

Given the fact most smurfs, idiots with good shit etc that reside at all ranks, I don’t think this will solve the MM issue. If anything, it may make it worse.

But lemme keep an optimistic attitude about it til it drops.

The smurfs with really high powered items will be put in higher matchmaking- since the good items will give them greater power

It will actually bring about equal matchmaking if this is added

If that is the case, (kinda meh about it atm), what makes you believe this is for MM? and not just to show how strong someones mechs are?

Obviously we’ll need to wait to see. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up about it being something to combat the god awful match making system.

Cause this is how matchmaking was decided a very long time ago, much before reloaded

The power level wasn’t shown, but it was taken into account when finding matches

Since the “power” feature very similar to this one has been suggested, I have evidence to believe if this is implemented mechs will be matched by power, which would make things more fair

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Well shit , i have 3 fully fused mechs.

Im dead as hell