New feature found on new account


when i open boxes it only drops one item and it shows its stats

its was in a new account of mine


Was this a dropped mix bought, purchased one, tutorial one or what?

I feel like this can’t really be for anything aside from turtorial boxes.

(do prove me otherwise because this is ‘feature’ is insanely disappointing).


it was dropped from a campaign box


Will check it out later and verify.
One card??!!! Damn.


Oh great, I’m totally not loving this lmfao


as you can see i can only buy one box

lets see what it dropped

wow, impressed


What tf???
Pm this to Sarah and mohadib


@Transcendant did you check it on your account?
Can’t access mine right now.


Gimmie a sec, farming BB atm lmfao

@Joao_Brilhante I hope you’re trolling us man


maybe if i start another, it wont appear


no trolling, its happening in my new account


only one common drops


it was a test account and this happened


Have you checked your inventory?
Maybe the new feature is supposed to show the items one after another so that the stats can be seen on the right of the item.
So could you please check your inventory space aa / bb, then open a box and check the inventory space again?

If it becomes aa+2 or aa+3 then you got 2-3 items. If it really is only aa+1 then it really would be only 1 item.


It doesn’t seem to have affected any current accounts. I assume it’s just a “in testing” feature they’re trying out.

Hopefully if it is, they don’t bother adding it. This ‘feature’ is literally trash.


yes, same itens, no extras


Hopefully TS will bury that feature without trying it out on the players for real…


God job Ts
:clap: :clap: :clap:


That is legit, it happened to my other.

Although, they made a HUGE nerf to the drops when you’re a beginner, it only drops Power Kits one at a time, then when you reach a certain level it will drop items one at a time too, and then it will do that.


This is a very dumb feature.

We can just check the stats once we have the item in our inventory so, this is just plain bad.