New feature : ENDLESS MODE


I think this new feature will bring more fun to the game, an Endless mode dungeon that resets every week, with ranking and prizes too every resets. The resets randomly change the enemies inside it for ex. The old stages has many heat mechs, the next ones will have energy or physic mechs. Every win the mech wil regen a like 10% hp. Amd every match the enemies become stronger and stronger.
And in every 5 stages/enemies beaten the players will receive extra amount of credits and/or boxes, and after finishing every 10/15/25 or 50 stages the player will receive some goodies like premium box . (these extra prize are only available ones per week, after getting the prize on 1st run ex. Stage 5 rewards, it will be no longer available in the next run until it resets in next week.) endless run can be played unlimited times u can make it 50 stamina per enter or something .

Im looking forward for other players comment
About my suggestion.




That would be different than raid.


Tower like dungeon.
Floor by floor no boxes to destroy just purely mech fights. After winning in a match the mech will regen 10% hp, the players cannot change their current gears until they dont restart to floor 1.


So like raid but better.


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