New Farming Chat Feature?!


So, I decided to set up an acc. for my friend, (his wifi was down and he badly wanted to check out the game) and when he came over, I found this!

This seems REALLY nice while grinding. I assume it’s like clan chat, (if you’re in a clan) but I have yet to do more testing.

EDIT: It’s Global chat.


Lol this is cool.


New screenies:


Heck yeah


That would be a really nice feature to have. Good job Tacticsoft! Hope it makes it to the general population



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i don’t have it…


that looks like a nice feature to have.
You can chit chat while grinding…
Sure get’s lonely when you do that… and boring AF.
But with this you can have a nice flamewar on the chat, and grind in auto… nice.
Imagine getting spamed insulting PM’s while you are farming in campaign.
PS: needs a mute function.


The flamming wars!
Who are the best at flamewars on here?


So this is another one of those testing features for new accounts only.
Cuz I don’t have it, which proves the above sstatement.

Dang it.



Has a mute; I just didn’t show it.




This feature is good.


how i can use it ( it doesnt appear)


For now only new players can see it because it’s under test.