New explosive weapon "Firewall" (idea)


89KG? How about 81KG to fit its average damage?


Just want to ask, we already have it right… only change a little bit.


Please explain further what you said …


Honestly, I thought it was a lot of weight for an explosive weapon so I thought it would be 72KG.


everyone that voted yes must have a dual deso


VANDAL RAGE (41) 4-5 R 143-187 D 44 Heat -46 Cool -20 Res 1 Push 1 Use (0/25 )


Please explain further what you said …


ok well to clarify why i said that, bringing back firewall as a revamp will bring another weapon to the no-energy-cost heat arsenal that already has an op meta and im sure energies dont need another meta to deal with


Please explain further what you said … can you stop say it.


I did not realize what I said above, whether that was a question or not.


Oh sorry I did’t know that…


could be 72 or 75, though


I think your weight better 72 KG, because this is balanced with their conditions.


Is it Legendary-Mythical?


This here is an idea … The photo represented could be the legendary, then to mythical could put a kind of “Double Firewall.” Something like that.