New explosive weapon "Firewall" (idea)


I also thought the community would like an explosive weapon from the old generation, for the new generation but with new “FUNCTIONS”.
Could be:
Weight: 72KG
Explosive Damage: 140-210
Heating Damage: 82
Heating Cost: 41
2 KnockBack
5 Resist Drain
Range: 2-4
This weapon could be useful and unique, as your weight is balanced with the rest.
Vote here whether it was a good idea or not, or if they would change anything.
And to know the “Firewall” here is an image.

  • Yeah, that was a good idea.
  • No, that was not a good idea.

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i think they did reloaded to eliminate the amount of stuff they had and to make modern cool weapons even though the ones made by tac looks like pieces of a car… i think it looks like one of tac’s “car” weapons but the stats tweet them a bit


What do you mean by that ?


why does my comment have a red bar next to it?


near the “1h” ?

It’s a pen, and when you click on it, it’ll bring you to the edit history (the list of every edits done to the post since it’s first sending)
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Lower damage slightly and let it do cooling damage and it will be really good.


Of course, you do not find a weapon like this with this utility. :thinking:


It doesn’t halp me understadning what you meant by that…


Sorry, if you notice, I have now reached the reach, but what I meant was that its weight as the explosive is balanced at the level of heating damage with the level of cost of heating, that is, this is balanced together with the Resist Drain and his Damage.
I hope to have clarified your doubt.


I think I understood…

you mean it’s neither a damage-focused weapon or overheating-focused wepaon, right ?


Exactly, but it’s supposed to be focused on getting your enemy further away from you if you want.You can use the “Firewall” without number of moves(uses).


It’s a good idea , but the weight is too OP so… NERF PLS


Stop asking for more stuff and start to max you actual inventory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you literally just making a thread to bring back every legacy item?


I also found it so I did not change it to 89.


Not all of them, just the ones that would make the new version of the game better.


Rip 5 min “grace period” before edit marker appears… :pencil2:


Yes. I ran firewall on my legacy heat mech. Pretty useful.


He was very helpful and unique.