New Events Poll


Don’t be hatin on my sweet arse strategy!! :joy:


to be fair some1 like gamias wont last 10 ticks if the eras has special medals
since some people wouldnt be able to resist coming over(casually checks out seantus)


I genuinely don’t care about medals as much as people make me out to care in this topic :smiley: The reason I play CE’s is not for the medals, it’s because it’s a bigger challenge than any other era. Not sure this faction era would feel the same for me, and to be honest I’m probably too busy in the near future to be able to play it regardless.


Aka, he’ll be there and wait until 1000 ticks in the era to murder everyone


To the people that just look at this post and don’t vote. Yes, I’m talking about the 112 people who just scrolled and left. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? VOTE FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE, EVERY VOTE MATTERS.


I voted for king of the hill because I like it and so far have played (and won) two king of the hill eras in my career. King of the hill is also the land of crystals in a way!



LMFAO Malice is so right. Milan will show up 1000 ticks in and win.


I feel like 1 faction would absolutely dominate, that wont be fun.


well you dont know for sure


I wouldnt be agaisnt admin stepping in and giving resources or garrisons in the losing territory
i want to see 1million dead units. I want to see BR’s and stats like this


Have you all voted yet? If not, be sure to do so! I’ll be closing down the poll in 3 days! At the moment, Factions is pulling away by a landslide (Yay! You guys like my idea!). If you really wanted something else to win, refer people to the topic and get them to vote!!


Almost at thirty members for the E1 draft next era, tell all your friends to either comment on the post or to contact me at raph.battledawn.


I say No to One tickers(One tickers are for suckers :confounded:,But since everyone cant play 3 tickers (Cause Only Awesome People Play 3 tickers,like me :grin: )So we should make it 2 ticker for balance

Or Have a Poll For tick speed
Or even better for everything,World,Speed,etc


I agree with with Burner here, 2 tickers are the best <3


nahh 1 tickers are pure show of skill

you cant kill anyone with activity , they will just move off the op lol

You gotta trap!


True, true, I just like 2 tickers :stuck_out_tongue:


we at 30 members, keep them coming*


Voted for factions…

This should be one hell of a era if its done. It be crazy amount of ships flying on attacks should be awesome if the members can work together.


I’m considering closing the poll a bit earlier if everyone is ok with it :slight_smile: It looks to me like we have a clear winner here and if so, I’d like to finish up prep work as soon as possible ^^

Instead of waiting until Sunday, I’d like to close it tonight/tomorrow morning unless there are any objections.

But I will say this :slight_smile: I hope you guys fighting back and forth end up on the same teams and end up loving each other! :joy: It’s happened quite often honestly when enemies becomes teammates!


Yeah its fine do whatever you have to do, thanks for doing it on behalf of us :slight_smile:

P.S we’re all cool in the end this is all reflecting back and joking around I don’t actually hate anyone here xD