New Events Poll


Yeah, I do think that if the initial set up is fair it there would be competition throughout the whole era or at least I hope so.


I guess I have to vote for factions since championship era is still not an option…even though i know it’s possible to make it profitable.


Everyone’s a noob until they kill Milan. Only way to prove yourself :innocent:

Also, keep on track please! This is for talking about the above 3 events.


sorry just read that and yeah we are all noobs at the end of the day sorry :smiley:
gonna stop my banter
#MakeSchoolYard GR8 AGAIN


gets boring when ppl start asking if ur playing or not to see wether or not they will place
good reason why school yard>Factions
school yard will be less contact dawn and more chaotic ppl like trajic and alfie might end up in same team wich would be hillarious
Factions will just be who has a bigger skype list
ppl like Arm or rania or rofl can just win this era easily will prob be between huge teams not gonna give medicore players or less popular teams a chance :smiley:


That’s not necessarily true for either statement.
For Schoolyard - last time, those teams just imploded and died and players ended up getting shifted around. That’s usually due to the captains picking the teams not knowing histories and putting two enemies together. SOMETIMES it ends up mending the relationship as both end up respecting each other more. Other times… well…

But teams are not set in stone once picked. But all captains must agree together to some extent on if switches can be made.

As for Factions. Don’t forget, those people with long lists of contacts usually also have long lists of contacts that fight them as well. And if you recall, the last CE, Rania pulled out all the contacts and didn’t win with them. The world literally came together to beat down a common enemy.


yeah i remember cuz they had inner conflict if both RDH and Ranias team were gonna get greens then they would have won so we are gonna make one faction win every1 will be happy
also usually ppl with big list of contacts has another person with big list of contacts that deslike them my opinion still remains that it will probably be a fight between big fish (for example the love relation ship between andrei and Arm)
last school yard a lot of people had to be shifted around due to inactivity but i still think chaos will be funnier than mass organized team
end of the day just an opinion :smiley:


Yes, it will be fights between big fish, you are correct. But mix in a bunch of people who can actually attend those fights now. HUGE experience for newer players to see how experienced players… well… play. Usually they don’t even get the chance.

The drawback with schoolyard is that it gives newbies a sink or swim feeling. They are thrown into shark infested water and told to swim to shore. The experienced players are now dependent upon their weakest links to pull their weight (and lets be honest, the first chance they get, they’re dumping the newbie). Great for semi experienced players who just need a slight push to the upper tier. Horrible for the newbie trying to figure out if they like this game or not.


Very nice, I played all concepts before and I wish to play under those circumstances again in the future because event eras are competitive.
I suggest rewarding the winners with new medals and ribbons.



I’m rooting for factions!

But it will need a little tweaking , or everyone might join the same team…
Since randomization doesn’t work … We’ll have to find another alternative to balance things out.


to be fair i one faction ended up being massive other factions might just team up against it
should give something new a try i guess instead of doing same thing again


I follow Youssef wherever he goes so I don’t mind.


Still working on all the details for Factions if that wins. Some changes may have to occur to the original set up. As soon as I get all the info though, I will inform and you can change you vote accordingly :slight_smile:


We could make sure that each team has 2 AANC mentors in to make sure that the newbies have someone that will make sure their questions are answered. Or we could set up a team for newbies like the Old Client used to have with all the AANC mentors in.


Ensuring mentors are in each team can be a community driven aspect to this :slight_smile:


I really like this idea :slight_smile: Having people in each Faction to make sure that everyone is under control should be a priority for this event.


A randomized faction event led by Admins or Appointed leaders would be a fun idea on an Earth map. Rules regarding players not being allowed to switch factions should be implemented. Friends need to learn that they can fight each other on a game without it souring their relationship.


i can see the coming of another CE :smiley:
that will make worst possible outcome really greed wise
it will just be a stressfull as hell era not a fun event :smiley:


noooo, that will just cause so much problems, imagine having to tell 90 people they wont get a special medal :smiley: atleast 1 will cause havoc in your alliance out of spite.


Yeah but then you can get people like Gamias who will just boost and boost and never take a fight and just sit in a corner or run away from everything.