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It is indeed a lot of work… Battle Contest was the biggest nightmare of my life, but it was enjoyable to see players work at killing things! And though the last Schoolyard had admins backing it up, it was primarily run by the community :slight_smile: So keep trucking away Jazz, no harm in trying to start the organization yourself. But do try to speak with admin who’s world you wish to place the event on prior. Having the admin help you helps tremendously, even if it’s only for advertising! I would often run my ideas past multiple admins and let them fight over who wants to do it :stuck_out_tongue: (and seriously, they usually do all want to do something special and fun).

Also, don’t be afraid to vote for whatever people! You can change your vote later if you find you are unsure of one or the other. I will keep this poll running for a while to allow people time to join the forums and vote!


Yeah I am speaking with Alexander about it. If any of you want to be involved dont be shy to drop your information.


What is schoolyard showdown


Read the below

Schoolyard Showdown

This is a simple concept. Players will sign up to attend this event prior on the forums. Multiple Captains will be picked (dependent upon how many players sign up for event) and then once registration is set, these captains will pick 1 player at a time for their team (draft style). This will force players to interact with new players they are not used to as well as spread out experienced players across multiple teams. All teams will place on the world and duke it out for domination and bragging rights! And there’s no guarantee that a team outside of the competition won’t rise up to the challenge!


Looks like Factions is starting to pull ahead on the polling! Which to me is very exciting as it would be a new event! Glad you all are receptive to it so far. Keep on voting and spreading the word folks! I’ll keep the poll running for a bit.


But what if for instance players see kyl or milan in a faction and more join one faction than another, it would be really unbalanced, thats why I would agree with EnerGYs idea of randomly distributing players


Yes, that is very true, but even randomized, it could occur that these players get put together in the same team. Sure, it may prevent other’s from specifically flocking to them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll distribute around fairly either.

Also, with so many players being available to join each faction, my hope is people will WANT to see competition. Teams will not be 100% locked in, so there’s also the ability to switch players around a bit. My hope is also to have a few big names spread out in the beginning to get things started anyways. This will hopefully ensure that each faction stands a good fighting chance at the start. Teams can use this chance to duke it out with one another, or to see how other’s play!


Yeah, I think that’s a great idea, and really it is up to the will of the players if they want competition and fun play.

Also, there are things like the alliance chat as it will get really hectic there or it might crash or something when many players are on. And would the factions have leaders like alliances so they can kick other members or vote for other leaders?


Likely not. Maybe could lift limit to add in more ministers (and yes, technically vote for leader will still be there, but with so many, would be difficult to get over half votes I feel). I’d likely try to have very trusted/respected leaders from the community take the lead of a faction. People that I know won’t just abandon players halfway through the round.

I don’t feel the chat would crash, but yes, it would possibly be very hectic. Side conversations with smaller groups in your faction on skype would likely need to occur. But we have the world chat, which allows for all players online to talk on it as of now. So the chat failing won’t be an issue, just how organized you can keep it really. It’ll be up to each faction to determine the best way to organize themselves


Faction idea seems fun and my lazy ass doesnt have to do much lol

Not sure how communication would work with such massive numbers tho


I like the idea that each faction is independent and has to organize itself, but I think leaders of factions should be chosen before the era starts in order to get things going for people and then deal with things as they come.


Perhaps asking alliances like SGC, 4E,T and others to start the factions? This way we know each faction would have a good core team to help lead it.


I think Admins should pick 5-10 good people to start it off. Then people are randomly put into one of the 4. It would be bad if everyone picked one faction and the others would suffer (killing competitiveness). Plus there should be a special reward for winning it, as an incentive to win with people you may not like + vs 3 other big alliances.


Of course special era=special reward

I wonder about the rewards though like if a faction won, you can’t just give like 100 players of a faction 3.5k blues or something, but at the same time it feels underwhelming if you get like 500 blues for winning a special era even when its with the help of 100 other players.


Lol factions sound awesome haha… Even if it was east vs west that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Mabye a special meadal/ribbon too?


Yes, this was essentially what I was thinking of as well. Wouldn’t be hard to one off a few people to get things set up and started and ensure every faction has at least a few serious and experienced players in it.

And actually, it may be BETTER to have a smaller faction. Because numbers don’t always mean better! It means there’s more to organize and protect. And more likely, more inactives within that faction for the other factions to try to take advantage of. Would you rather have a smaller, quality team that is close knit and organized or massive numbers that you could throw around and hope to be able to coordinate overwhelming attacks with? There’s no doubt the smaller teams will be able to set up quicker coordinated attacks, while the larger one’s would have to sacrifice time to get higher numbers to join the attacks. And if only 1 faction gains a lot of players, there’s no doubt the other factions would likely gang up to try to keep the massive one at bay. A LOT of factors come into play, so I’m not as worried about factions becoming a bit uneven. Only if all the experienced players decide to only gang up into 1 massive superpower (which would totally not be fun).

I’ve thought about this too. It’d be difficult to figure out how to do the reward for this as there would simply be an overwhelming number of players in a single faction. But at the same time, a small reward for all in the winning faction may just be exactly what helps keep some newer players. It may be underwhelming to the experienced pro’s, but a good majority of experienced players already boost reds and don’t count on blue rewards to begin with. But that would fully be up to the admin’s on how they’d like to do this.

My hope is that no 1 faction will rule the world on this though. Hopefully, the factions would play it smart and constantly change their diplomacy in order to keep each other at bay. Obviously, if 1 faction has 8 relics, you would hope the other 3 would realize they should team up together against them. So with that being the case, I think it would be safe to reward a bit higher to individual rankings (maybe to 25?) as it would hopefully be spread across all factions. But this will all have to be talked out more thoroughly if factions is the event chosen. I am working to get answers and I will have a full detail post on everything do-able for a factions event should it win.


malice just dropped his first text wall on the new forums guys :wink:


That all sounds very good until you realise that massive team would essentially be like having a sub empire that you share vision, units and everything with. I’d be willing to bet I can zerg war your small quality team if you give me enough noobs to suicide into you :grin:

I feel like randomly allocating people might be better as well, simply because I’m afraid that especially newbs will flock to the #1 otherwise.


Definitely could be a concern, but I don’t know when the last time you tried playing with completely new players was Milan, but they are not nearly organized or active enough to get them to make quick zerg rush moves. You’d have to set that up well in advance. Like, on tick 400, send a mass to collect on X OP by tick 450 and then launch at Y OP on tick 455. And the more newbs that flock to 1 faction, the more newbs that 1 faction has to protect in order to keep the other factions from gaining resources. Now, good players could no doubt do well at protecting their newbies, but if they try to make an offensive move as well, it wouldn’t be hard for other factions to take advantage and try to eliminate the newbs to dwindle down army numbers. But no doubt, numbers will be an advantage, but it can also be a problem too :wink:

But I will no doubt do my best to keep things as even as possible with this in it’s initial set up.