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So there’s been some posts about wanting a new event. Of course, there are some already well known contests, but it’s always fun to add in some extra flare as well! So I will list out 3 events below with descriptions. Please note that specific details pertaining to each event is apt to be altered at admin’s discretion.

Schoolyard Showdown

This is a simple concept. Players will sign up to attend this event prior on the forums. Multiple Captains will be picked (dependent upon how many players sign up for event) and then once registration is set, these captains will pick 1 player at a time for their team (draft style). This will force players to interact with new players they are not used to as well as spread out experienced players across multiple teams. All teams will place on the world and duke it out for domination and bragging rights! And there’s no guarantee that a team outside of the competition won’t rise up to the challenge!

King of the Hill

This idea revolves around good ol’ king of the hill game play style. For any of you that don’t know exactly what that is; it’s a game focusing on controlling a certain “area(s)” in order to win. There will be focal points (hills) on the map in which the relics will spawn on top of. The relics will have a minimum travel distance from the hill it spawns on (if it passes this limit, it will be transferred back to the center of the hill). Because of the fact that the relics have a limited minimum distance from the hill’s, a 10 relic win would require an alliance to hold across the entire map simultaneously to win.


This event will require the alliance size limitations to be raised. There will be 4 main factions. These specific factions will have an unlimited space for alliance members to join. Players will pick one of these factions to join upon entering the world (or if they really wish, they can try to fight outside on their own). All factions will duke it out throughout the entire era until one is victorious or time runs out. Each faction will likely have 100’s of members. This will promote newer players to gain experience by being able to play with more experienced players in the same team.

Please pick 1 of the 3 events that you would like to see set up next.

  • Schoolyard Showdown
  • King of the Hill
  • Factions

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You Said Good Teams?

Lets get that draft yall


I’d love to do the factions one - noobs getting valued experience, brings more players in, more inactive experienced players such as myself right now can also jump in and play as well.


I love the Schoolyard Showdown idea over Factions.

My big problem with BD currently is that all of the “Best/Commited” players have formed their own individual groups and now we all ‘hate’ each other since we fight each other era after era. We always completely exclude any new players who might want to try just as hard as we do but they don’t quite know enough. An event to try to bring together new players and veterans could be great!

For ‘Schoolyard’ to succeed I think it would be a good idea that you are ‘stuck’ in your pre-picked alliance for the entire era, otherwise I know the veterans would just use/abuse and leave to reform their previous teams. By being ‘stuck’, it would create friendly competition on who could create and maintain the best team. I think veterans would learn a lot by interacting with newer players again, and newer players would benefit by being able to understand the depth to gameplay that there is instead of instantly being squashed by a big alliance.


Factions FTW
Are these officially gonna get implemented?
Or just suggestions?


These are just suggestions for the time being. But I will personally work to help organize the one that is picked. Schoolyard Showdown is do-able even without admin assistance. King of the Hill has been implemented multiple times. Factions is new, however, I know the system is capable of doing these features. It may require some tweaking, but overall the idea itself should be do-able with a willing admin.


Hope all three are done in the long run. :smile:


Willing Admin?
eyes on Alex


That is my hope as well ^^
I’ll help to work on getting more events organized and running. But remember, all of them require the community to show interest too! Without that, it’s hard to find an admin willing to back up and advertise!


I say FACTIONS , but players cant chose which faction they join.
It should be random


I believe that would be hard to implement. I wouldn’t mind this though. I originally wanted it this way, but I’ve brought this idea up to admins before and I believe it isn’t possible to randomly place them without manual input from admin (which would be asking a lot). However, if I’m wrong on this, then yes by all means! Also, I do know the admins have already told me there is no way to prevent someone from leaving an alliance, nor making their own. And it would seem awfully harsh to not allow someone who left a faction to not be able to rejoin any team. Will need to get more info from admin


i believe with a simple algorithm you can randomize it, the player who places 1st will join faction 1 , who places 2nd will join faction 2 and 3rd will go into faction 3 , 4th will go into faction 4 . and 5th will be sent back to faction 1 and so on…


Would be a good idea for the factions, yeah. Playing with different people will help break down the barriers for the people that play now because theres so little of them and different alliances all hate each other.


Or There is always the random start location button But people will just plant on their own :frowning:
Something needs to be done,maybe just option of random start location
Also only one alliance should be usable that era, with 150+members able to join

But My opinion is before implementing these BIG events

We need small events like
Super Units
Super Garrisons
World Vote for xtal,resources,or protection etc

They could be implemented every era :smiley:



This guy is right about the lack of trust nowadays in bd,as most ‘top’ players have set teams and have grudges agaisnt eachother.There should be a way to sort this out though.

As for making player stay in the alliance they were chosen in, I don’t know how many player will agree to that as last schoolyard era some players moved around which played a big part in the great wars that occurred, basically some teams opted to play bur weren’t very good together or not active enough so some switched around and it ended up being a very fun era, with good wars.

referring to your idea about newbs why not take 1 or 2 players from the AANC per team choosen by a mod staff making it a 12 player alliance world


I agree to some extent, however I was part of the previous schoolyard showdown. And unfortunately, even though the initial organization was done fantastically, many failed to show during the era start. My team in particular had 4 no shows and we had to scramble to pick up randoms to fill the void. My team had also imploded due to many conflicting mindsets on how to proceed through the era, which led to my alliance leader disbanding the entire alliance out of anger (but good news, I got picked up by the #1 team)

Now, hopefully these things don’t happen again, however, there are many factors to consider. No shows, desertion, and sometimes even just real life factors (life often gets in the way sometimes).

So i’d say that instead, you have some rules set up in place with scenarios that may occur. Like, being able to pick up randoms based on performance through the start of era if you have no shows (cause you might get the bad luck of the draw and pick up an extremely inactive player). If someone deserts his team, a committee for the event can decide whether or not a new player is allowed to join to fill the gap. Etc.


I already have a forum post up for a draft style, anyone who wants to do it can sign up there for new E1.


I really like Schoolyard Showdown, but Factions is good too. I think the idea of mixing up good players that will ACTUALLY go for the win is a great idea, as like sakrie said, most people have grudges (funny that SGC would say that :stuck_out_tongue: ) and this would help bring people together. However I think that Factions would be more beneficial to new players, since they could meet “Pros” who are in their Factions and gain friends/experience .


it just about worked with admins controlling things, I think it’s too much of a job for a player to try and sort out their own draft system, vote for schoolyard and hope it wins :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Malice ran a draft as a player. Its doable if you are commited to the idea which I am, if you want to participate drop your info on the thread, I will be making a google doc and organizing the whole thing.