New event! Gain 50% more gold in campaign! (48 hours)



great, just when i spent all my feul :confused:


I feel you.


when I first saw this I thought it was new campaigns :confused:


08 PM


Oh you @Ricemech88

Good mate


Yep, me too… :frowning:


OMG,I don’t know this mission is the worthiest to play it!:frowning:


gg man lol (20 char)


This is the campaign madness? You know what would be the real campaign madness TS? A campaign reset.


When one’s hope and dreams are just 1 minute away:



Congrat to Level 103 in 1 minute :exclamation:



P.S.: the lines are perfect made to understand :wink:


Thanks for both the congrats and the P.S. note.


I just notice, nice Event, but somehow it do not work for BigBoy … max Gold :exclamation:

Is it just me, or for others also :question:

It says “+” but there is no plus :exclamation:
(last mission BigBoy, insane)



money money money :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


This mission is the best farming!