New Event for White paint

You should defeat a Pilots to deserve the paint that you want for example white has a price of 100 tokens so you should defeat 100 pilots.


That sounds interesting might work kill 100 real piolets like real people pvp right

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This is actually a well constructed idea! I like it.

But 100 pilots would take AGES, the event would end even before you could defeat a hundred pilots, or unless it’s forever, or you are a very active player who always goes to arena and wins.

But my suggestion is 70-90 players only, and even a lower price for white paint :confused:

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I agree with this, but maybe tone it down to maybe 70-80 Players, Seems kinda hard to do 100 .-.

most of us play other games as well apart from supermechs and also have real life to atend to :frowning:

I remember paints costed gold… Why tokens now…?

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Black use to be a thing to, and ti was only 1k gold lol, on the topic of paint i think we should add in more paints like grey, purple (the type you get from buying that one mech) black, gold and brown, feel free to leave any other coluers you would like your mechs to be below ( i want a Purple and pink 3rd mech lol)

And which game should I play, GTA 5, Terraria 1.2.4 or Call of duty, black ops 1


Lol, “Terraria”.

I used to be an absolute pro there though, but never played it again, now that you mentioned it I might play it again.

100 unique pilots?

or 100 pilots in real life? do i have to go to the air force base

White paint way too OP, Nerf white paint



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item portal would be better.