New event: anyone getting anything on second tries?

Well at least we know that :frowning:

Other legendaries on Insane?

Yes, out of all my legendaries I got from the portal… 70% of them are Flaming Scopes.

Still very possible to get other legendaries, but the chances of a Flaming Scope is way higher.

Okay great thanks.

Jealous that heat mechs can run it with so few revives. I need 2-3 per try. But again, glad I can actually do it.

A decent heat mech can run it with few revives only if it got repair kits :sweat_smile:

Small tangent: the item is really really strong.

If an aggressive physical mech ever gets in either of the side 2 squares of the screen, heat mechs can both escape and deal insane heat/damage. I almost want to use it on my physical mech.

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Ugh, not sure if this is worth it. 60 tokens used, 1 epic, 1 no-box :frowning:

edit, yeah I might have to leave it alone :frowning: 3 runs, 80 tokens, 2 epics.

Also, regarding the event as a whole:


  2. Legendary gambles can be frustrating when you get nothing, especially when most of your chances come from the first run. I’m sad when I think about people getting 3-4 legendaries.

  3. Very hard missions like this one on insane are fun, but please make them more balanced between classes in the future. Average heat mechs can run this mission with a few revives, but very very few physical mechs can.

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ami I was not given the gun and I’m already angry my only hope is that ramboy me is the only one that gives legendary together big boy