New event: anyone getting anything on second tries?

I just ran all the way through this event. Got nothing on normal, epics on hard and the event item on insane.

So far on the re-runs, I’ve found nothing though.

Nothing on normal (first) , 1 epic on hard (first)
, cant do insane even with revives (did hard about 20 times now and 3 epics in total)

So seemingly normal drops after the first run?


Hard not to be jealous of people who landed 3-5 legendaries.

Insane spills legendaries like crazy if you are willing to sit there and farm it.

Hard dropped something after the first run, nothing worth of fuel. I’m trying Insane again since I’m curious to see if it’s more worth it.

I’m still farming Hard in the hope I might get something since insane isn’t possible for me

Now probably feels like the ultimate time to have a heat mech :smiley:

Have you found any legendaries on insane after the first run?

More than anyone else, probably.

Meaning they’re dropping regularly?

I’m having to use 2+ revives to run it, so it would really help to know what the drops are like.

Hmm… let’s say I have 120 max fuel… I get an average of… 3 or 4 legendaries per refill? Sometimes you luck out and get 3 times in a row… etc… I believe I once got like 7 or 8 in one refill.

Yeah it gives good stuff but its really hard to beat it… but a legendary wortha couple revievs.

Tough time to be a physical mech.

At least I can run it.

Guess this is how I’m using up my tokens :slight_smile:

Most of the legendaries you get will be that Flaming Scope weapon though, so you’ll most likely be running it for myth food rather than the items themselves… unless you want more of that weapon.

Ohh good to know, thanks. I was only able to defeat it like 10 times… I thought later other legendaries will come. But I guess not.

Good to know.

Anyone lucking out on hard on subsequent tries?

Come on… you know how many I’ve got in total. :wink:

The numbers will start pouring in again…!

I haven’t really tried spamming hard missions, so I can’t help you there.

I don’t know… how many?

Yeah I’m curious if anyone who can’t do insane has tried in enough times to find out. I tried it 3 or 4 times after the first completion and got nothing.

Fluxeon, have you seen legendaries besides the new one drop on subsequent tries?

At 25 tries on Hard now , nothing